ten second window

>25 June 2005


Tonight Emmy and I ordered a two boots pizza and watched Lemony Snickets. Which.. while it certainly wan't bad, I didn't think it quite as good as I had thought it would be. The Two Boots pizza though, that was good.


>23 June 2005

Just remember whos really on your side..

All those folks who turn into screaming asshats when the prospect of a 'conservative' supreme court justice replacing a current justice come up, remember who's on your side.

"Splitting 5-4, the Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that a local government may seize private property for purposes of profit-making private re-development, declaring that this constitutes a "public use" under the Constitution. (Kelo v. New London, 04-108)." - SCOTUSblog


Scalia, Thomas, Rehnquist and O'Connor.

So when those 'big nasty corporations' that lefties despise so much step up to your city council and convince them that its your house that they want to seize, just be sure to thank those liberal justices that are on the bench, serving and protecting the interests of the common folks.


>26 May 2005

Common Sense-ical and whatnot

From a Recent Walter Williams column:

"I buy more from my grocer than he buys from me, and I bet it's the same with you and your grocer. That means we have a trade deficit with our grocers. Does our perpetual grocer trade deficit portend doom?"

read more. please.


>20 May 2005

Deep, man.. deep.

Seriously though - I just found a link to an awesome site where people send in an anonymous postcard which they collect in batches and post. There are smoe really interesting/sad/moving/introspective ones up there..


>06 May 2005

My point

I had a discussion with Angela a months ago where I Was trying to make the point that businesses often need government to screw over people, and government is usually more than willnig to comply. I didn't have anything really specific as an example, but I ran into this article from Walter Williams, describing how a few gasoline retailers cost Maryland gas buyers millions of dollars through higher prices (a nickel at a time).


>03 May 2005

I got friends.. in low places

Or actually, not so low places. I got a postcard from my friend Elan, who moved out to San Fran last year. Its funny who you do and don't end up keeping in touch with. Anyways, hey there Elan - if perchance you come across my blog.


Last Sunday (May Day), while shopping at DSW/Whole Foods across from Union Square, there were a bunch of protesters and May Day supporters out protesting. One of the groups of people had a sign that said the word 'Bush', with a Swastika in place of the S.

Now.. as i'm reminded on Catallarchy, Nazi stood for 'National Socialist Workers Party' of Germany.

So.. perhaps I am the only one who finds it the slightest bit amusing that at a May Day rally, you'd be making fun of someone by calling them a socialist..


>24 April 2005

Justify this?

Take a look at this set of quotes that I just found..

"I think whats good about the movie is that it deals with rape in a subtle, open way that I think it allows it to be more complicated than just, 'Oh, look at those poor women and how hard it was for them."

"Because I think she has done reprehensible things and is repsonsible in some way and I think the delicacy with which it is dealt with allows that to sort of creep in."

Creepy huh?

Well, the quote is almost real - except that Maggie Gyllenhaal was referring to 9/11 instead of rape.

Now, before you think the comparison is overboard, consider this..

How many of you would ever think that a woman deserved to get raped, no matter what she did or didn't do to provoke it? Is "She was askin for it with those clothes she was wearing" or "She was comin on to me and then just stopped" a decent justification for rape?

Well then how on earth is whatever the US did to anyone else justification for what happened that day? We did some bad things, perhaps some horrible things, but do those justify slamming planes into two completely full buildings full of innocent people?

I think not..

[update] now, this isn't to discredit the lines of thought which serve to examine how and why 9/11 happened, but certainly, those who think that we "deserved" any of what we got has got some mental regrouping to do..