ten second window

>25 June 2005


Tonight Emmy and I ordered a two boots pizza and watched Lemony Snickets. Which.. while it certainly wan't bad, I didn't think it quite as good as I had thought it would be. The Two Boots pizza though, that was good.


>23 June 2005

Just remember whos really on your side..

All those folks who turn into screaming asshats when the prospect of a 'conservative' supreme court justice replacing a current justice come up, remember who's on your side.

"Splitting 5-4, the Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that a local government may seize private property for purposes of profit-making private re-development, declaring that this constitutes a "public use" under the Constitution. (Kelo v. New London, 04-108)." - SCOTUSblog


Scalia, Thomas, Rehnquist and O'Connor.

So when those 'big nasty corporations' that lefties despise so much step up to your city council and convince them that its your house that they want to seize, just be sure to thank those liberal justices that are on the bench, serving and protecting the interests of the common folks.