ten second window

>26 May 2005

Common Sense-ical and whatnot

From a Recent Walter Williams column:

"I buy more from my grocer than he buys from me, and I bet it's the same with you and your grocer. That means we have a trade deficit with our grocers. Does our perpetual grocer trade deficit portend doom?"

read more. please.


>20 May 2005

Deep, man.. deep.

Seriously though - I just found a link to an awesome site where people send in an anonymous postcard which they collect in batches and post. There are smoe really interesting/sad/moving/introspective ones up there..


>06 May 2005

My point

I had a discussion with Angela a months ago where I Was trying to make the point that businesses often need government to screw over people, and government is usually more than willnig to comply. I didn't have anything really specific as an example, but I ran into this article from Walter Williams, describing how a few gasoline retailers cost Maryland gas buyers millions of dollars through higher prices (a nickel at a time).


>03 May 2005

I got friends.. in low places

Or actually, not so low places. I got a postcard from my friend Elan, who moved out to San Fran last year. Its funny who you do and don't end up keeping in touch with. Anyways, hey there Elan - if perchance you come across my blog.


Last Sunday (May Day), while shopping at DSW/Whole Foods across from Union Square, there were a bunch of protesters and May Day supporters out protesting. One of the groups of people had a sign that said the word 'Bush', with a Swastika in place of the S.

Now.. as i'm reminded on Catallarchy, Nazi stood for 'National Socialist Workers Party' of Germany.

So.. perhaps I am the only one who finds it the slightest bit amusing that at a May Day rally, you'd be making fun of someone by calling them a socialist..