ten second window

>12 January 2005

New York City Dates

Well - single Perry is back. I had a date the other night. It seemed to go okay - but I can't quite place whether she's being reserved until she knows me better/feels more comfortable/etc. or whether she's just sort of uninterested. Oh well, she is going away for like 5 days and i'll see what happens if and when she calls after she gets back from out of town?

Oh yeah - and she took 3 days to return my phone call. Guys are always getting shit for this but for the girl its ok? Hmm..

Anyways, tonight I'm supposed to get drinks with the cute blonde girl from my building. She seems pretty outspoken, interesting and well.. cute.. so i'll see if she still feels like going for one and if so, what kind of vibe is bein through around.

till next time..


>01 January 2005


Welcome back.. to same ole place that we talked about...

Its 2005. I'm in NYC. Things are going well!

On this first day of the year, I began at Joe's partay dancing, singing, carousing. It was a good time and it was nice to see everyone again. I think I had more kissing action that in the last 6 months! (Which is sad, considering I had a live in girlfriend until last month) I ended up the night chatting up this cool cute blonde girl (why is it that everyone is always a boy or a girl with me?). I'm gonna call her tomorrow and see if:

1) The # she gave me was a real actual number,
2) If she seems "down" (as the kids say)
3) If she wants to do something tomorrow. (or maybe during the week?)

And then after a few hours rest, a burger at Fanelli's. They really should reconsider the whole 'Giving you a whole entire slice of onion on your burger' thing,. Other than that not too bad. Then afterwards I went and saw Hotel Rwanda. It was a really good movie but I ended up like crying through half the movie. The only movie that beat that in some good ole man-tear action was Together.

Anyways, on to watching some more college football. I might go out this evening - might not.