ten second window

>18 May 2004

Mr. Lapse

Wow. I haven't posted on here in quite a while. Since the last post I have graduated from school, went to State College, PA to watch Sandy graduate from school and further buckled down the job hunt.

As I have some more time, usual crap/analysis/rambling will continue.


>07 May 2004

Two sides of the same coin

Today, walking into the subway I saw some graffitti on the construction entrance of a building that said "Repubs Lie".

And I immediately started thinking - so what, Dems don't lie?

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman!" comes to mind pretty easily.

I think that if people took the venom that they direct at the 'other' party and directed that towards political processes in general, then we would all be much better off.

It's not the person in charge that makes government bad - it's the system that inherently makes government bad.

People can do greedy, evil and shitty things whether they are politicians, bankers, lawyers or whatever. The key is making sure that the system is set up so that they don't have a monopoly on power..


>03 May 2004

A novel Idea

Instead of forcing other to pay for decisions, perhaps if you have strong enough convictions, you should vote to pay the higher taxes that are required to support whichever programs that you want.

Imagine a system where people could choose to fund whichever programs they wanted, and their tax bills were changed by as such.

In that type of a system, people could express their own beliefs without forcing them on others. I think technology might allow this to happen one day, not too far in the distant future.


>02 May 2004

A year

Its almost been a year since I started blogging. It goes by so quickly...