ten second window

>30 September 2003

Fear and Loathing in Kunstlerville

I am now offically sick and tired of the 'World is coming to an end' prognosticators of all sorts. By any rationale, we have every measurable characteristic of life better now than we may have ever had.

And you.. Mister James Kuntzler with your doomsday prophecies, I have had enough of those as well.

Kids in suburbia do play.. in their yards, in the streets, in the cul-de-sacs. People who live in suburbia get get most things that an urban denizen can get, thanks to technology, shipping and the internet.

I don't have time to really throw down the glove now, but sometime soon, I hope.


>29 September 2003


Wal-Mart is something that I admit I have a lot of conflicted feelings about. As a planner - it's almost bred into you to dislike Walmart. As a libertarian it stands for something that is nearly godly - pure price driven capitalism.

When I hear about people complaining about the low pay or the imported foreign goods from Walmart - I would love to sit and ask them, "So, you would rather force me to have to may a higher price on the thigns that I want to buy?" This never seems to be an issue with these folks, that all kinds of people can afford to get all of their food, clothes and toiletries at price levels that were absolutely unheard of as recently as 15 years ago.

On the other hand - you have those who support "Mom and Pops." Now, I do have sympathy for mom and pop type businesses, but I really feel that unless you can either provide me with a cheaper price, a better selection or specialized knowledge or care that exceeds what I get out of my purchasing experiences with a large store - then maybe you don't deserve to be in business.

I'm sure that noone now resents the fact that automobiles available are of higher quality and better styling and cheaper price then ever before imaginable. Why did this happen? The Japanese forced the Big 3 to put up or shut up - to compete on their terms or not at all.

This is not bad for us as a country. It is exactly what we would base our country on. Do something and do it really well, or get the hell out of the way, because i'm gonna take your place. Who resents this? The people that are too stupid/static/entrenched in old methods to eveolve and change. Its nice to pretend that things will remain the same, but that is just absolutely not how life works.

Everything changes in time - it is the only sure constant.


>28 September 2003

Plato-nic relationships?

Is there something to be said for patience? Is there something to be said for going for what you want?

How long is too long to wait for something or someone?

I'm really trying here, but i'm just starting to feel over it. There is something that I inherently love about Heather, but there is a reason that I started flirting with the other Heather back in the day. There's this lack of confidence and initiative that I keep thinking will just magically change one day - but i'm really starting to wonder about that too.

I really want to think that i'm not just an opportunistic 'get what I can get' kind of person - but I really do believe that there are a lot of people out there that you can make a great relationship with.

I think that I will jus treat it as a dating kind of thing. I'll see her when i'm home and when she's up here and keep it at that. I'll leave it up to her to make the next move because i'm tired of making the first move all the time.


>27 September 2003

Sizzle snap

I met one of the hottest girls that i've seen in a while last night.. It's like what would happen if someone drew up a girl according to the things that I find hot.. New York is a great, great place.

Things that I find hot:
* straight, shiny hair
* cute little upturned noses
* pretty faces
* flat tummies
* actual hips/nice legs
* good body proportions - swimmer or tennis player kinda body
* cute accents
* fun but yet sorta dark sense of humor
* smarts - but not too smart
* some kind of vaguely innocent sorta vibe
* excitability
* someone who smiles a lot

I'm sure there are plenty of other things.. but I'll search that all out later.

You don't..

Wanna fuck with shady.. why? Cause Shady, will fucking kill you!

Good times, man. Good times..


>26 September 2003

Message to myself

An article about Rent Control and Zoning causing homelessness that I want to archive, and so I do it here.

Kickin Rhymes old school

Alina Stefanescu posted an Alfred Tennyson poem on her site, which really got me into thinking about how cool poetry is, and wondering why I don't take the time to read more of it (probably because sifting htrough all the horrible shit takes too much effort)

Also, I really need to just write poetry style and then fit them into some music. I did it in my head for this poem, and there's no reason that I couldn't do it for my own.

Here's the poem - I'm not sure if there's some sort of anti-post-ripping-off rule in the blogo-sphere, but hey..

"In Love, If Love Be Love".
In Love, if Love be Love, if Love be ours,
Faith and unfaith can ne'er be equal powers:
Unfaith in aught is want of faith in all.

It is the little rift within the lute
That by and by will make the music mute,
And ever widening slowly silence all.

The little rift within the lover's lute
Or little pitted speck in garnered fruit,
That rotting inward slowly moulders all.

It is not worth the keeping: let it go:
But shall it? answer, darling, answer, no.
And trust me not at all or all in all.


>24 September 2003

Project Greenlight - Yellowlight - Redlight

We worked through a lot of our management/grouping issues last night at our capstone meeting. I have faith that this project will work out well. Also, we're dropping two folks, Margarita and Cary, which will bring us down to an ever so slightly more manageable 15.

And then we had wine and pizza at Arturos.. I just love NYC pizza. I don't know how I can ever eat pizza anywhere else ever again.. (Although I can still prob. stomach squiggys on a late downtown night back home)

Much fun to be had by all..

One last thing - Elan, if you ever happen to read this, you are seriously one of the coolest/cutest people i've ever met. (inside and outside!)

Radiohead fun

If I could Be Who you wanted...
You are Fake Plastic Trees...You sometimes need a
bit more attention than most, but it's alright.
You're well-liked and People get a kick out of
your out-there personality.

What Radiohead Song are you?
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>23 September 2003

Strange Situation

Here's a weird little baseball scenario.. There's a rule that says that the wild card team can't play the division winner in the division series. Such as, if the Marlins win the Wild Card, the Braves would instead play the Astros or the Cubs. Well.. The Marlins finish out the year playing the Mets and the Philles finish out the year by playing the Braves.

It could be quite possible that the Braves could throw the Phillies series (or at least play less hard or start some backups) in order to give them wins and have them win the wild card. In that case, the Braves would play the Phillies instead of the Cubs or Astros in the Division Series..

Interesting concept.. let's see if anything happens like that. (I'm not a baseball theorist by any means, btw - it's just something that came to me.. )

Hair today, Gone tomorrow

Oh yeah, almost forgot. Over the weekend I got a haircut at Medusa. It's a tad bit pricey, but they do a hell of a job.

In other news, I talked to Lori for the first time in what seems like years. We're gonna catch up for some food on Thursday evenin. I'd like to think that she sorta kick started me having my own sense of style - which is a good thing. I'm much more particular about what I like and don't like, but through this I believe that I have a much better feel for who I am. Because, honestly - the things that you like and own and surround yourself with really do say something about you as a person and a personality.

Some might call that shallow, but I think that it's deep to actually realize and account for the fact that our mental precepts and slants and bases can be more than something that you bottle up inside.

Perry in the land of plenty

I just went to go see Virginia Postrel speak at the Harvard Club. John Stossel was there, a whole bunch of really well heeled folks were there.. and I was there feeling the slightest bit underdressed.

Anyways, it was a good speech, I think Virginia might have been the slightest bit nervous or something - she was rushing a tad bit but she's a good speaker nonetheless. She certainly is the fastest talking person with a southern accent that i've ever heard.

But anyways, I feel like i'm sort of having a profound moment - maybe not this exact moment, but in general. I reallly feel like i'm sort of finding myself to the point that I can tangibly notice when I feel like i'm recognizing where one of the 'me' puzzle pieces goes.

If nothing else, New York (and New York University) is certainly helping to shape me politically and intellectually. It really is good to be surrounded by a lot of people who are smart, and that share differences in opinion with you - it forces you to have to really think about why you think what you do.

On a side note - the catered food there was perhaps the best meal that i've eaten in a year of being in this city.. go figure!


>19 September 2003

It's Friiiday, and you ain't got shit to do..

Actually, I have a lot of shit to do. Alissa's party, Jav's get together, and I would really like to find the time after work maybe to go see Lost in Translation. Oh yeah, and maybe stop by Joe's for Nick's b-day. Hope that Mrs. Issabella doesn't decide to drop craploads of rain down on my fair city this evening.


>18 September 2003

Diseconomies of Scale

I think that a large part of the problem with political thought in this country is that people mistake the scale at which things are supposed to happen. Just because a system should offer the opportunity for people of any race, creed, knowledge level, Socio-economic status and etc. to succeed, does that mean that every single part of the system needs to be everything to everyone?

I have a long standing personal creed that you should do a few things and do them really well. By trying to be everything to everyone, you become nothing to anyone. By allowing individual firms, actors, partners, whatever the ability to specialize and only offer services to a specific group of people, you allow that group to be able to succeed. And you know what? That group is your group, whatever that group may be.

Situations and circumstances vary in such stunning degrees in so many ways, that it would be impossible to insitute a standard universal to say for example, build a house, or to plant a tree, or to write a weblog.. on to larger things like, how to educate a kid, or how to pay a worker.

By allowing people to only offer certain services, and allowing people the choice to find what services work best for them allows everyone to get the tailored exact things that they need - not a watered down bland and generic one-size-fits-all answer.


>17 September 2003

Shimmy Shake

I registered for that furniture design class yesterday, and started my capstone today. I'm gonna be busy busy busy.. Hopefully I won't ever come back and read this and then feel jaded about saying this - but I feel really honestly energized about the capstone. Whitaker makes me excited about learning planning issues, and the housing law class is also pretty neat. The hard class will be the education policy class, but that's only a paper or three.

As far as sociality, i've made a pact with myself to keep the drink ceiling at 3 drinks while im out. I can't afford any more, frankly.


>16 September 2003

Back to the old school

School has started again and I feel pretty bogged down. I'm sure everything will right itself, but I got used to a lazy summer of napping and doing much of nothing..


>11 September 2003

Wish you would step back from that ledge, my friend..

Really interesting piece remembering the jumpers out of the WTC towers at Esquire. It made me sit back and remember.. and think..

Two years later

Two years ago today, I decided to quit my job. Mind you, I had just gotten a horrible performance review which included something along the lines of, "We'll need to get rid of you if you fall asleep at work again". So granted that I wasn't exactly performing stellarly at the time, I didn't actually have the guts to quit.

Then as I sat in my office, someone went through the office yelling something about the TV and something happening in New York. I sat and watched the TV, and then reflected in a room by myself.. then both towers collapsed and I sat again in my little room.

Right then I thought to myself how shitty it would be if I had been in a plane going to Somewhere, USA for some job that I hated, and that it may have been my plane.

So A leads to B leads to C and now I'm studying urban planning at NYU, and now that I reflect upon it, I am probably here because of that day. Somehow I felt the need to really be part of New York, and be part of the passing of time there - all the while being reminded of what happened by the lack of two modernist towers thrust out of the downtown skyline.

It's hard to imagine that it was two whole years ago (1/13th of my life so far..) because it seems like it was so much longer than that.. except for today. When the TV coverage came on, it felt again like it wasn't so long ago.

I feel that as a country and as a society, we've gone pretty far while at the same time not going quite that far. I fear those who will distort and pervert what happened in order to justify what they have always wanted to impose on us. There are certain things that need to change, but being able to live and be free and happy just isn't one of them.

I love New York - for what it has reminded me that I am and forced me to see that I am not. I'm constantly reminded that this isn't Florida, or the south. I'm also glad that for all of the 'liberalness' of this place, it has forced me to strongly reconsider my political views. I'm glad to have found the for the first time something that I really do believe in in principle and practice - libertarianism.

I already feel as though I've gotten more mature about what and why I think things may or may not be wrong with society. It's quite easy to take the traditional liberal viewpoint and think that some so called expert sitting at some place in government can be counted on to light the candle and point the right way. Now I have more concrete observation into something that I have never substantively and definitively thought before - that the key to "right" lies in trial and error. The power of people trying and making mistakes and figuring out the way is the strongest trait and asset to mankind.

Odds are that I won't be here for the next anniversary of today, but I'll always have a spot in my heart for this place and how I've grown as I live here longer.

What's next? I am enamored with Savannah, GA for some reason. I figure that either I'd like to work in some coastal southern city, maybe back home or perhaps somewhere in CA (although that honestly is my last choice..)

It will be quite interesting to check back on this someday in the future and see how my thoughts have changed and stayed the same.


>08 September 2003

Joy.. and pain

Okay - I still haven't worked out the college football lover in me (maybe never will) but my beloved Gators lost 38-33. The good news is that the team looks pretty damn good. I know that this is the most tired cliche in sports, but next year is gonna rock. Martin is looking better, Leak throws the football like an NFL QB already, the WR's are all nice and fast, the whole team is young.. Hell maybe we can ever contend this year if we bounce back well from the UM loss.


>04 September 2003

Thoughts for today

Okay. First I think i will really like my new neighborhood. It's much more diverse racially than any other neighborhood i've been in before, while at the same time remaining seemingly somewhat economically similar. It feels pretty safe.. I'll have to reupdate if anything changes my opinion on that.

This semester is going to be BUSY. The law school class looks like it's going to be intense, and I think that the education policy one will be as well. UPSA will also be hoppin, as all of us really care about what's going on and want to give everyone the opportunity to participate and feel more involved. I wonder who the ones to take over from us willl be..

The new kids seem really cool. They had time to bond over their retreat, and so they're getting a head start on everything, which is good. It's mostly girls, so that will be a little bit of a different angle - but I think that won't effect things too much as far as turnont to events and class cohesiveness. (A few of em are pretty decent to look at too.. )

I feel much more comfortable with things this semester. I'm gonna try and keep a smaller group of people around, but make sure that I spend more and better time with em.

Heather Drama - ugh.. I think that I need a few days of non-contact and maybe it will all work itself out? Hopefully.

Misc - One chica I need to behave and be good to and not mislead, one I wanna meet up with and get more of a vibe for and one last who I think i might really sorta like but will most likely just be friends with (for better or worse)..

That's it for now..


>02 September 2003

New Faces, New Places

Moved to a new hood yesterday - now i'm a Brooklynite in Prospect Heights/Park Slope, complete with 100% more street cred. I'm sore as all hell and hopefully I can recover and notlook all gimpy for work.

In other news, I feel like I'm growing up a bit for better or worse. Ahh girls, ifonly they had any idea howmuch they affected us guys..