ten second window

>31 July 2003

Happy Trails

Going to Virginia for the weekend with like 14 other people. This should be pretty fun, if nothing else than for a drunken roadtrip (not drunk on the road of course..) and MTV-style partying.


>28 July 2003

A Real solution to sprawl.

A new little car, the size of your living room couch, holds promise to be an answer to many of our urban/transportation problems. It would utilize the same roadways that we currently do, but it is thin enough to double up in lanes, thereby doubling the carrying capacity of roads. With cars this small, the problem of people driving alone to work ceases to be such an issue. Providing parking spaces for urban areas - also much less of an issue.

But this car is no pretender, either. It can hit 0-60 in 4 seconds, pretty much outpacing any but the fastest of cars, it can fit two people, along with space for a few briefcases, or you can use that space to hold groceries and other store bought items. The car weighs in at 3,300 pounds, and has a complete racing style rollcage, so safety shouldn't much much of an issue.

Sounds like a winner to me. I'd give this guy an award, if I had any capacity to do so..

The 'Fairness' Debate..

I came across an article in the Boston Globe today about calling for able bodied and otherwise unemployed public housing residents to contribute 8 hours a month of community service. The article went on to say how many dems were calling this rule 'unfair'. Unfair because not everybody who recieves a subsidy in the form of section 8 or mortgage deduction has to do it, unfair because it only applies to one group of people.

I have heard this argument many times from liberals around here (and there are plenty to choose from in NYC..) But I just don't buy it. I've heard that there shouldn't be Internet voting because not everyone has access to the Internet. That public schooling is unfair because not everyone has access to the same resources.

And to this, I say, "What a crock of baloney.." Lets make sure that everyone has exactly the same resources and access to everything, regardless of the effort they put into life and work, regardless of the personal resources they have at their disposal - This sounds more like Communism to me than anything else. If you don't have Internet Access, go to a public library. If you don't like your school - do your damnedest to supplement your child's learning at home, or to sacrifice and move to a better school district. If you don't like putting in 8 hours of public service, then get a damn job - or just be happy about the fact that you are lucky enough to be able to pay 80 dollars a month to live somewhere.


>25 July 2003

Can I get an Amen?

Dead on article about the current state of the administraton by Ron Paul of the house. (and quickly becoming one of my favorite legislative figures!)


>23 July 2003

Interesting Idea..

Okay. here's my new(est) theory. The more that people are treated as generic beings, the more individual we are allowed to be. If there were no special considerations made for 'individuals', and in everyone's eyes, every other person was exactly the same, then it wouldn't matter what you wore, looked like, dressed, came from, had as parents, were racially and etc. etc. etc.

The more we are trerated as generic person-units, the freer we are allowed to be ourselves. This is kind of like how things are on the Internet. You are allowed to be whomever you want to whomever you want, and those people in turn are only conversing with a non-tangible entity with a personality.

Will life imitate net? We'll see..

Loyalty, it's the new McCarthyism!

The more and more that I hear that someone is/was valued for loyalty, the more and more I think that loyalty is a bad thing. 'I keep this team of people around for loyalty' actually means this team of people will sacrifice any and all of their moral and intelectual ideals in order to be my 'yes men'. Rewarding someone for loyalty is akin to the mafia rewarding someone for not ratting them out. I don't want the main quality of those around me to be of loyalty. I want it to be of honesty and openness.

Rats, another idea..

Friends of the highline, now we .. forget the days we left behind..
when you lose sight of history, you lose all the little things that made you be..
and now we want it.. want another way to make us whole..
Will we remember tomorrow all the things we do today?


>22 July 2003


Ever find love, then lose it, then find it again? I did.. Lets see how it goes this time around. Good, hopefully!

In for a bumpy ride

Whew.. I just had the worst turbulence that I've ever felt while flying back into Laguardia last night.. Some lady kicked the back of my chair so hard that it locked about 20 degrees forward of the "full and upright" position. But I made it through, which is good. Hopefully from now on I can avoid flying during big rainy thunderstorms.


>16 July 2003

New Stem idea..

Im not immune to the stares you give me
Pointed eyes are pointed down
Apologetic to me im probably something to you..

To you it means, it’s probably over again..
To this small sounding whims that you give.
And I’d get lost if I never ever found you..

To the point where I’m giving something..
I know that I need you but I just can’t deal..
I guess I’ll try, I guess I’ll try it.. again..

(be-bop) - Am I forgetting something - it’s been
quite a while and I’m searchin myself I know
that it’s under my nose, lookin right back at me..

The time you give when you give a shit
Is the only real time that’s relevant
And I don’t even need to discredit this, do you..
And what I give you, you take back from me
I met you way back when..
Encompasses you, encompasses me.
Im trading spaces with everyone I’ll ever meet..

(be-bop) - Am I forgetting something - it’s been
quite a while and I’m searchin myself I know
that it’s under my nose, lookin right back at me..


>15 July 2003

Confucius (sp?) says..

Everyone has got things that they are proving to themselves. I think it motivates alot of behaviours. Everyone knows examples.. someone was made fun of when they were young and now they overcompensate by trying to be super ultra cool, someone was never good at dealing with the opposite sex and they overcompensate in many various and ugly ways, someone was a runt in school and now they work out constantly and try to be a 'big man' and so on and so on ad infinitum.

Here's hoping that once we've realized when we're finished proving whatever thing to ourselves that we'll be comfortable enough to stop. The Tao Te Ching has a passage that says something to the effect of, "The best man will retire once he is done with his job - The worst thing to do prolong something that is completed."

Reflections on yesterday

I played a gig yesterday - probably by now about the 10th time or so that I've done so. Something about last night made me realize that i've never been really truly happy with the music that i've put out as of yet.. Maybe thats good or maybe that's bad, i'm not sure. Im hoping that re-working some of the Hoffmann songs will work out. I'm pretty sick of doing the juvenile sad/angry thing..

It's strange, beause somehow I think that vocally and lyrically I get stuck at 18 year old me, when the much more nuanced and eloquent 26 year old me just sits on the sidelines waiting to get out. From here on out, I've gotta love the song and it's direction. No more half-ass stuff.


>13 July 2003


I don't know where the park begins and 66th street ends, at least not this late in the weekend.

And I moving closer to you, closer to you?
Would you meet me halfway?
You make me want to forget what other people look like,
you make me want to forget what other people look like...

at least for tonight.


>11 July 2003

A moving memory

While surfing over at Reason (Big surprise..) I came across a link about the 'Tank Man' in Tiannenmen Square back in 89. It's still pretty stirring to remember what happened then. I'm not 100% sure that I was old enough to appreciate the gravity of everything happening and of the image of the man standing in front of the 20 tanks, but its a poignant retrospective nonetheless.


>10 July 2003

The least simple kind of breakdowns..
Are what you give when I am around..
I’m not seeing you..
I’m not parting ways..

And it’s another quiet Sunday..
You know its in the back of your mind..
I’m not counting you out..
In just a matter of days

So what have you got prove to yourself?
What have you got to lose instead,
Just let it go and you'll follow suit, you'll follow suit

And i'm breathing in the air you breathe
and ask you if you think it's fine
you can do it constantly
out underneath this rusty stop sign

not long ago you got those tan lines
when we were hangin out by the shore
You slipped away I didn't notice
and I keep comin back for more.

So what have you got prove to yourself?
What have you got to lose instead..
Just let it go and you'll follow suit, you'll follow suit


>09 July 2003

The bestest of the bestest

I saw a really awesome show last night at Pianos. I'm quite impressed by The Miracle of 86 - and I hope they really make it.

Righter than right, and by right, I mean correct

Real dead-on article about the 'drug war' and it's effects in the WaPost today.


>08 July 2003

Everyone else is doing it..

My results from the Selectsmart Questionnaire:

Your Results:

1. Libertarian Candidate (100%)
2. Sharpton, Reverend Al - Democrat (67%)
3. Kucinich, Cong. Dennis, OH - Democrat (57%)
4. Dean, Gov. Howard, VT - Democrat (57%)
5. Kerry, Senator John, MA - Democrat (50%)
6. Bush, George W. - US President (48%)

All I have to say is.. Al Sharpton!? Here's hoping to a Dean/Bush race in 04. At least it should be interesting. What are the odds that the Repubs would dump Bush and replace hin with McCain? Ehh.. anyways..

Catch me, i'm contagious

While jumping through blog links today, I stumbled upon a review for the book Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. His theory is that sometimes societal events such as fashions or trends start by a small group of inidividuals until it reaches a 'tipping point' at which time it explodes exponentially in influence. Sounds a little like the Chaos theory, and seems to include a bit of the randomness of life and choices and etc - i'm definitely interested! As soon as my poor ass can scrounge up the 13 bucks, i'm gonna go pick up a copy.


>07 July 2003

Bold Predictions

I've noticed that every day in the papers lately, there us another story about another old time actor dying. I'm gonna call it right here, that in the very near future there will be a big story on the epidemic of these guys dying - that its happening at an alarming rate.. etc etc etc. And while I have absolutely no research on it whatsoever, that they are passing away at a rate that is no more or less normal than any other time (or in this case, newscycle).


>03 July 2003

It's worst ever, man..

I'm pretty sure that Sprint PCS customer service (a misnomer if i've ever heard one in my life) is the worst customer service that i've ever dealt with. I just talked to (again) someone who didn't know how to answer any of the questions I was asking, from who to talk to for service trouble down to why I am not getting printed copies of my bills. Last time, the 'computers were down'.

City vs. Suburb

Real quick observation on cities and suburbs: If as in the article in the previous post, brand new towns are so rare, then it would go to reason that most growth is happening in already established areas. If suburbs need a city to feed off of, how can it be argued that they are a completely seperate entity from the city by which they were spawned? I just don't see it.

Sprawl, it's the new black

Just read an interesting article about a new town sprung up from scratch in California. Naturally, someone found the time to label this development 'sprawl'. What I wonder is.. What isn't sprawl? I've seen sprawl bandied about to describe:

* building any new houses in suburban areas of a town
* building denser units in an established area of a town
* building a new town altogether

So I wonder then, what exactly isn't sprawl? Sprawl to me seems to be used more often of a proxy for 'ANY' growth. Well guess what, people.. Growth is going to happen whether you want to or not. The way that we plan for it and put supporting infrastructure in place to support it will determine the success of our built environment.


>02 July 2003

Song idea # umpteen fifty-five

The little notes fly off me, and they're endless to fight. As they land in your ears there's all I can hide, I surrender the point that I'm given today.. It's too simple.. too simple in your mind.. too simple.. too simple for this time..

Im understanding always, another moment in time. I'm falling faster than concrete dropped to the side, it's reckless to think that i'll never try.. It's too simple.. too simple in your mind.. too simple.. too simple for this time..

When all that you need is only.. good enough for one...
And all the honesty.. is left undone..

This sad soft veneer that covers all the mistakes. The sum of our parts is never easy to place, my only regret is my self twisted fate.. It's too simple.. too simple in your mind.. too simple.. too simple for this time..


>01 July 2003

NYC's rent control stupidity

Great story about rent controls in the NYTimes today. Which leads me into thinking, why is it that the laws that create the most economic inefficiencies are exactly the ones that are hardest to repeal? The people that are 'in' are getting the deal of their lives and they'll fight for it, and I can respect that - but what about the rest of us?