ten second window

>30 June 2003

Post-post-post-modernistic irony

Best article about irony ever. here.


>27 June 2003

Long hot summer

Man, NYC went from brutal winter, to two months of rain, directly into 85 degree summertime. It's kidna like SoFla, but without the omnipresent AC..


>24 June 2003

Intersting point

In Krugman's op-ed in the Times today, he alluded to something that I really didn't give much thought to before: Democracy means that the people get to choose who represents them in a government. Iraqi democracy could very well mean that hard-line fundamentalists take power in Iraq because that's who they want in power now. Democracy US style does not equal democracy - Mideast style.

A democracy, but only on our terms, seems somewhat hypocritical to me anyways.


>23 June 2003

The squeaky wheel

This is something that really bothers me. The people who sit and do their jobs, the people who excel and outperform the standards by which they are judged are the same people who get overlooked and unnoticed when 'reward time' comes around. The people who yell, bitch, moan and complain are given what they want just to shut them up. Where exactly is the fairness and equity involved in this? Why do we cower down to those who are the most pissed?

One day instead of greasing the squeaky wheel, our answer will be to cut the damn thing off.


A very cool post about past friends and important folks in your life over at Queserasera . It's good to think back about those people that were a big part of your life, for better or worse. They're all a part of you.


>22 June 2003

Just the best thing ever, that's all..

Join friendster. It's like a real life kind of six degrees to Kevin Bacon network.


>18 June 2003

Wednesday night sing-a-long

Stand up beside the fireplace, take that look from off your face
You ain't ever gonna burn my heart out!
So Sally can wait.. She knows its too late as she's walkin on by...
Her soul slidees away.. but don't look back in anger, I heard you say.


>17 June 2003

Random thought

Is change something that is supposed to happen incrementally, or does it happen in grand spurts and bounds? Sometimes I hope for the former, but at time, i'd admit that it's probably the latter. Another thing that vexes me is that since people (and by people i'd mean in the general sense of the word, not individually) don't readily change to new ideas and concepts as instantly as they sometimes seem to happen; I think that when the world changes in its leaps and bounds, there's an adjustment curve and some people get left behind - maybe forever..

Quote of the Day

A man who won't die for something is not fit to live - Rev. Martin Luther King.


>16 June 2003

The feelgood hit of the summer..

I saw the movie 'Together' last night. It was a really great piece of filmmaking. The themes are so layered and subtle yet profound, and it really hits home for me particularly because well, i'm Chinese too. I'm gonna see it again for sure.


>15 June 2003

Just a note or two, please..

I'm in the midst of working on a new song. this will be the first time i've done a song/vocal together (besides 11, which really was way simple). In other news, I found this quaint little restaurant two blocks away from my house, tucked underneath a brownstone. Of course, it's prie-fixe $40 per person, but hey.. maybe i'll go when Heather comes to visit.


>13 June 2003

Smart Growth..again

Once more, I read yet another article about the failure of light rail and smart growth and etc.. And again by a Libertarian thinktank, the Reason Institute. And again, I shall spew on about how the real culprit behind many ills with the built environment is that modern zoning and setback rules, along with the willingness to cater to NIMBYism at the local government levels causes us to have the current development patterns that we do today. The desire for the government to protect us from things like traffic and noise and 'poor folks' actually protects us from things like interesting and viable physical development.

Density doesn't occur because all of the 'rules' don't allow it to occur. The places where it is zoned in, local concerns about traffic, noise and property values tend to drown it all out. This is the most anti-libertarian thing that I could possibly think, that developments don't occur because a pseudo government (my neighbors) and the local government conspire to not let them be built, and not the demand and economics of it.

Just remember that everything has a price. Height limit? Large setbacks? Large Lot requirements? Inane labor regulations on building? Delay of development due to inefficient government? Every one of those things and many others just ends up raising the cost of building . And what happens when the cost of building rises? The cost of buying rises right along with it.


>12 June 2003

Standing at the trough

I want to have a fun job. I want to have a job that keeps me busy doing things that I find interesting. I don't need the duties to be earth shattering, how about just interesting?


>11 June 2003

Ahh Newt...

So yesterday at the taping for Late Night w/Carson Daly, I watch a mini-interview with Newt Gingrich. Mister Gingrich spouts of, among many other things, that Hollywood has a social responsibility because (roughly paraphrased, i'm sure..) -

"If kids see an actor in a movie smoke a cigarette, than that eliminates the purpose of the next 200 anti-smoking ads"

Well as it turns out, I may have watched about a thousand movies from the time I was a child until now. And I don't smoke. And I would imagine from his comments that Newt Gingrich does not either.. even though he had access to all of the same movie and television shows that I watched.

I'm imagining that he would say something along the lines of - "Yeah, but I chose not to watch those movies and shows" and I would respond, ".......exactly".

I really can't stand this whole parental "we need to protect you from everything because we know what's good for you" attitude that is oh so painfully evident in current "conservative" thought. I'm sure they must know that by making an object or a concept verboten, that all they do is increase your desire for that same object or concept. Of course, there's the other side with the "Lets design programs to fix the ills of every single person because their ills aren't in any way their fault and we know whats best for them anyways" attitude on the other "liberal" side.. What exactly is the difference anymore these days?

Oh yeah, on a fun note, Janes Addiction played a 4 song set after the show, which was a nice little surprise. I saw my very first real life groupies, too! Longwave seemed a bit tight for their performance.. It was good though.


>10 June 2003

A teen idol, an alt/rock band and and Mister "Contract with America"

Carson Daly, Longwave and Newt Gingrich.. this should be an interesting afternoon..


>09 June 2003

All growed up

You stop being a kid when you realize that the world is full of things that are much different than anything that you've seen or experienced.

You start being an adult when you realize that the things that kept you happy as a child are still good enough to keep you happy.

Art imitating life.. or is it the other way around?

Nice little story about a reporter/filmmaker retracing the story of a girl gone to Fargo to find the treasure buried there in the movie, Fargo. As it happened to turn out, she was looking for something else quite different.


>05 June 2003

Two Parties? No Parties

I just stumbled upon a reason that I can gravitate more to the Libertarian side of issues rather than to the Republican/Democrat side. Libertarianism is about personal rights, and the personal responsibilities that go along with those rights. Every single arguement made in the Libertarian camp falls in line according to this one main tenet. While I may draw the line at a different place as to where Government does have a right or an interest to intervene, the positions are stable and rational.

See, I used to wonder how all the issues that make Republicans into Republicans or Democrats into Democrats were at all related. For Example - What makes a Republican want to preserve a babies life at any cost, but be totally willing to execute those who have committed crimes? Not that I chastize or lionize either, but many examples like this really make it appear that party platforms seem to be random conglomerations of positions on issues - totally unrelated to each other through anything other than the best and most popular thing for the party to support right now.

What to do about it? I'm not too sure. But hopefully one day someone can point out to me the 'one' thing that defines Republicans and/or Democrats as we know them today.. I know I sure can't.


>04 June 2003

Wake me when it's over

Just got confirm to see Longwave play the Carson Daly show next Tuesday. It's really cool to see those guys on their way to making it.


>03 June 2003

Taxing, isn't it..

I just read a piece on the Wash. Post about the tax cuts, which got me a-thinkin. In it, they say in 2011, the top 1/5 of earners will still be paying 71.5% of the total tax revenues. I think that number is something that should be publicised more. The people in middle and lower income brackets continue to ask for and recieve benefits that far outweigh what they contribute in tax revenue. I think that some definite re-thinking of the 'safety net' is in order. People increasingly feel entitled to services for which they could not possibly hope to come close to paying their fair share for.

I really think that the federal government should drop many of the things that it has it's fingers in, and choose to concentrate on the few things that are absolutely necessary to have central control over because of market failures, and then do those few things well.

Man up..

Interesting article on gangsta rap in the Village Voice - what's being sold to us and why..

Attention all optimists

Interesting interview of Penn (Of Penn & Teller fame) here. In it, he mentions something that I believe to be a universal theme among people with a Libertarian bent, such as myself: That most people are inherently good, and the few bad ones around don't justify the control and fear that many want to place on society.

Where did it come about that people in the U.S. all think that they are good people but everyone around them is 'out to get them'? Media? Liberals? Neo-conservatives? who knows..


>02 June 2003

Good times, man.. good times

Being home for the weekend was very cool. It was sunny and 80 and beautiful outside all weekend. I got to go to the beach on Friday and swim and tan and drink and eat and peoplewatch. quelle fun!

Downtown was, well.. downtown. Fun, crowded, nice.. but a lot of the same. I really wish that there was a cool spot that people went to go hang out and didn't feel the need to be all 'dressed up'.

And I got to see Heather for pretty much the entire weekend. She's sure cute, that girl.. anyways, i'll just see what happens with that one..

I really think that you gain a lot of perspective on things in your life when you find yourself separated from them. One of the things that this New York experience has taught me is that Florida really does have a lot of things going for it, and that it always is/will be home for me, even if I'm not physically there.

And while i'm at it, does everyone have to learn by trial and error? Because I really do.. I never really payed attention to my life learning/experiencing style before, but I've always had to do something - even if I knew I was doing it wrong, in order to learn how to do it right. Without fumbling around and being comfortable making some mistakes, I just don't really grasp onto things. I wonder how many people out there are like me, or if people just somehow know what thay can/can't should/shouldn't do..